Videos: Various Help Videos

Lex Luther
Oct 21, 2021


StrongBlock 101

Things you need to know before you start…. and more

The following Loom videos cover an array of topics to help guide you through interacting with the StrongBlock ecosystem.

I am happy to create a new video if you have need of one, just ask. If you find one that needs updating due to changes, or if you find any thing incorrect, please reach out to let me know.


  1. Trezor — Import MetaMask Seed
  2. Ledger — Import MetaMask Seed
  3. Using PASSPHRASE with a NEW wallet
  4. Use your StrongBlock node with MetaMask
  5. Ledger — Adding additional addresses to MetaMask
  6. Trezor — Adding additional addresses to MetaMask
  7. Tax Prep Software

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