Guides, answers & Stuff (now with tax info)

Lex Luther
Jun 28, 2021


StrongBlock 101

Guides & FAQ’s: Things you need to know before you start…. and more

Getting Started

The following guide is broken down into accessible and easy to understand sections, plus an all-encompassing FAQ section . Simply click each section below to navigate to the sections.

The information included in this guide is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but not everything has been verified by the StrongBlock team. So, as always, DYOR and make sure to check any official sources before you dive in.

Guide Sections

  1. StrongBlock Overview
  2. Security & Wallet Safety (Read this one! please…)
  3. Creating Nodes
  4. NFT’s
  5. Mining
  6. Signals / Signaling
  7. Tax Prep Software
  8. Help Videos
  9. FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions