Guide #6: Signals / Signaling

Lex Luther
2 min readJun 28, 2021


StrongBlock 101

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Guide #6: Signals / Signaling

Signals are a persons way to ‘vote’, or show a preference toward a particular node. As of now that is all that we know, but we are assuming this will play a larger part in the eco-system as all the systems come online.

In order to ‘signal’ with your tokens, you must first have those tokens in the mining pool. Once they have been mined, you can then choose one or more nodes to point your signals at. For doing so you will receive reward tokens for this ‘signaling’ process.

The node that receives signals will also receive reward tokens for being ‘signaled’ in this process.

Like with mining, there are factors to consider when deciding if signals will be a component of your process.

Currently the signaling system is being revamped. At this time if you unsignal ALL of your signals will be claimed and you are unable to place new signals until the new system is put in place.

Tip #1: You will need to pay a transaction fee both when you signal, as well as when you un-signal your tokens. So, keep this in mind when you are determining how long your funds will need to stay deposited to offset the costs. Obviously, the more tokens you mine, the more efficient the process is.

Tip #2: Adding, or removing, any amount of tokens from signals with also ‘auto-claim’ the rewards that have accrued so far. These rewards will automatically add into you mining pool, so look there for them. This can be a handy way to compound your mining earnings.

Tip #3: Signal your own node. Yes, you can receive rewards for both signaling & being signaled. To cut down on your costs, consider pointing all of your signals to one node, instead of spreading them out.(at least at this time)

Tip#4: Un-signaling.(Currently All or None) If you have used some or all of your mined tokens to signal, in order to un-mine, you first will need to un-signal at least that many tokens before un-signaling. Failing to do this will cause ‘crazy high gas’ fees.